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Ads On DavesWeb? Part 2 of 2
DavesWeb doesn't include any advertisements. When we spotted an add on the DavesWeb home page one day, that's how we knew we had a virus. Just a little research turned up the saver on adware, which was injecting ads into web pages we were viewing and probably other things unauthorized.
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We first removed the variantly-spelled saevoeroN program from the control panel. Similar browser plugin items we had spotted earlier in both IE and Chrome were removed once we uninstalled the saevoeroN program.
I suppose we're lucky here at DavesWeb because we were able to spot this offender, being ad-free and all. Amid the clutter of most web sites today, it's hard to see how anyone would notice just one more add. I guess that's how these guys figure they can get away with stealing a little money...for now.