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Welcome To The DaySide.

This is where Dave spends his 9-to-5 weekdays workadays. Wait, who are we kidding. Nobody works 9-5 weekdays anymore. Well, you get the idea. This is the day side. Here you'll find links to Dave's career stuff. There's fun stuff here, too, you just have to find it among the shameless self-promotional blither.
Here are the latest posts on the DaySide:
Dave is now back to doing a weekday DaySide thing, so far really loving working at DocAuto (www.DocAuto.com)! The resume is still out there, but if you're looking to hire a solid .Net guy you're late to the game at this point. Bummer.

One of the most interesting things about Microsoft SharePoint is its vast flexibility. Unfortunately, that flexibility requires developers to think about structure before things get crazily unwieldy. Adding to the confusion are terms that Microsoft hasn't kept completely consistent. In ord...

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