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Let The Spam Contest Begin!

I get about 300 spam/junk emails every day. EVERY DAY! I am fairly certain that my email address began to get on spammer's lists about 25 years ago when I obtained this domain and my contact information is publicly available. I think there are ways I can hide this information but, no, I haven't tried. The damage is done.

It is simply amazing to wade through this sea of junk and ponder the maliciousness these people are up to. I get dozens of emails daily that are obvious phishing attempts. I can't imagine what it is like to be the child of an elderly parent who has access to email and likes to get gift cards! I'm sure they get dozens of $50 gift card offers daily.

And they seem to salivate when they think they are on to some way to prey on the anxiousness of consumers who are in the know about events such as the recent Equifax data breach. As soon as the news came about this mess, I started getting dozens of offers a day to help me check my credit.

Plus the virus-embedded emails. (I never allow my email client to download images or execute code.) Plus the offers that are not so malicious but intended to make someone a few pennies.

While browsing through my email recently, I noticed something: a huge amount of the spam/junk comes from email addresses ending in these domain extensions:

  • accountant
  • cricket
  • date
  • bid
  • faith
  • men
  • online
  • party
  • review
  • stream
  • top
  • webcam
  • win
  • xyz

And this is where it comes in handy to know a little about coding, or at least know how to set up Outlook rules.

So spam/junk senders, know this: If your email ends in one of these domain extensions, your email is GONE from my inbox. It was quick and easy to set up a program that runs from time to time and deletes any email with a sender from any of these domain extensions. This has cleaned out 80% of my inbox!

This is fun! So let's take it a step further! I am LOGGING these deleted emails and keeping a count of the worst offenders! So check back periodically and I'll let you know the emails you can look for and rid yourself of the time it takes to wade through them (by simply adding the senders to an Outlook rule or similar method).

Let the contest begin!