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The Gallery Is Back Online

We know that many of you have been trying to view some of our old photos in our Gallery.  We're happy that our Gallery is back online now, although in a slightly different spot. 

Included in the Gallery are some photos that some folks seem to like and other folks seem to not like.  I think the reason they don't like some of these is that they produce some darkly and melancholy moods.  Below is an example.

Uploladed Image

This image is actually a sandwich of three images. The first is a sunset in the North Georgia Mountains. The second is a sculpture in Washington, D.C., and the third are seagulls in Panama City Beach, Florida.

All of these were originally color 35mm slides. The montage was first created by simply laying the slides on top of each other, but later I did the sandwiching with PhotoShop. Digital photos can easily be layered to create the same effect.