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Dave's Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Calculator
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There are a number of online blood alcohol concentration calculators out there, but none (that I could find) that were optimized for mobile devices. After all, who needs a BAC calculator when they're sitting at home at their computer surfing the web? Seems to me like the time someone needs something like this is when they are AWAY from home and needs to assess whether they are safe to drive home.
The problem is that most of the BAC calculators I found online used Javascript and Javascript is not enabled in some mobile device web browsers. Dave to the rescue! Uploladed Image

My online BAC calculator does not require Javascript. It does require cookies, which are used to store your data for your next update.
Bookmark Dave's BAC calculator and use it to calculate whether and/or when you should or should not consider driving home. Of course, if there's any REAL doubt, the best advice is to call a cab!

No users have rated this item yet.