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The Number One Fact You Need To Know About Transylvania
No, it's NOT that there was this dude named Vlad Dracul who was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula.
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That may be the most widely known fact about Transylvania, but it's not the ONE FACT you need to know.
Yes, it would be helpful if you knew where Transylvania is. It's in Southeast Europe within the nation of Romania.
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But that's still not the number one fact you need to know about Transylvania.
What you need to know is that for a thousand years Transylvania was part of Hungary. Then, in 1920, after World War I, Hungary was split and Transylvania was given to Romania.
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That one fact drives much of what is happening in Transylvania today, 90-plus years after the Treaty of Trianon.
You might guess that the Transylvanians aren't happy about this. Many of them are not happy. But there are many ethnic Romanians who ARE happy about this. They have issues and it doesn't appear there are any easy ways to resolve their issues.